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“We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others, that in the end, we become disguised to ourselves.”

Mike Brown’s Vigil in Ferguson, MO.
We marched with Mike’s mother to the site of her son’s murder. When we stopped to pray, I looked down and noticed that there was still blood lining the street. That’s when it felt real for me. I saw my own brother’s blood splattered across the pavement…murdered in broad daylight… brains spilling out. I saw my own mother shaking as she prayed over his distant body from behind the caution tape. I saw myself before the world… trying to explain why he deserved to live. 

Jordan Shanks 
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Hong Kong’s protesters are using the same “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture used in Ferguson

two of my favorite things together (seunghyun and money)

東名高速東郷PAで名古屋名物味噌カツのソースカツ丼セットを堪能【愛知県日進市】(平成24年4月14日) - つれづれ旅日記 - Yahoo!ブログ

Fresco Gelateria, NYC - Shot with The Minimalist Collection by VSCO.

I need that shirt
  1. Starting to seriously wonder if I’m lactose intolerant because I swear if I have too much dairy at once (especially milk and cheese) my stomach just gives me problems.
  2. I may have to (further) lower my expectations of people because within the past month there have been too many disappointing situations. Should not put my faith in people and just do me.
  3. My mood swings have gotten worse.
  4. I can’t tell weather or not I enjoy having roommates.
  5. I avoid being around my roommates whenever they discuss relationships or sex. Just because. (it’s hard to explain here unless you’ve followed my past posts)
  6. I have a week till I leave for 5 days for a conference which I am looking forward to. I’ll be too busy to care about my emotions then.


Damn.. No hope left